Tandem Press Lines

SPC hydraulic press machines are designed to manufacture motorcycle head units for brands
such as Honda. Our equipment can manufacture single, double, or triple work pieces and are
guaranteed for high accuracy, efficiency, and reliability.
Various Directions for Moving Bolsters
- Front, rear, left or right side of single bolster movement.
- Front and rear (Left and right) single or double bolsters movement.
- T-shaped double-bolster movement.

Manufacturing hydraulic presses is our main stream business, improving our customer manufacturing efficiency is our dedication. Dees hydraulic provides a complete solution service to integrate any variety of automation equipment from basic lift and feed to full robotic automation tandem lines. Our experienced engineers will work closely with you to drastically cut down manufacturing time.

Tandem Line for Automotive Manufacturing Industry
- Car part stamping, trimming, punching, and hemming,
- Left moving bolster for ease of heavy die change,
- Scrap collection,
- The whole solution is designed by DEES exclusively.
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