Die Spotting Hydraulic Presses

DEES Hydraulic got certificate of ISO-9001 National Hightech Enterprise Certification.Successful developed 6,000 tons of hydraulic press.High accuracy of die spotting presses for tooling die industries. Our customers include TOYOTA, Honda and etc.Welcome to contact us.

50~400 Die Spotting Presses

SPC die spotting press is a precision tool for the die maker at the final stage of molding which requires high precision hydraulic press to further increase production efficiency and quality. Our machines are manufactured under strict quality control to ensure high accuracy and excellent reliability are delivered to our clients.

SPC die spotting press can also relieve the operator from possible tension and fatigue to ensure the safety of die press operations. In addition to high accuracy, easy to use controls, and designed to ensure worker safety, the equipment also offers optional 180° tilting slide to provide more accessibility.
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